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Ultimate Guide to Dog Treats

One of the best parts about having a dog is seeing their excited face when you pull out the treats. These special snacks are great to use during training to motivate and reward your woofer, or just to give them something delicious to nibble on between meals. However, treats can become unhealthy and even encourage […]


Hello Summer Holiday’s Competition

Competition time once again! The school holidays are finally here and it’s the perfect opportunity to spend that much needed time with your family, and of course your pets! We’re helping you to celebrate the summer holidays with a prize that your family and pets will thank you for. We’re giving away one beautiful picnic […]


Best Dog Beaches

During the summer months we all love a trip to the beach, including your furry best friend. Walking across the sandy and stony beaches is a great experience for your dog, especially being able to run through the shallow waters sweeping in and out. It can be a memorable day for all of the family. […]


Top Tips to Give Your Dog the X Factor

  Fancy training your dog to be the superstar you know that they are? These simple tricks will be sure to give your dog the X Factor:   Rollover Start with having your pooch sit and lie down. Then keeping the treat extremely close to your dog’s body, and move the treat backwards long one […]