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We make tantalisingly tasty pet food to promote health and well-being. Our ethical pet products are mindfully produced as well as being great value for money. Shop online today.

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Joy in every moment

We make treats that tantalise taste buds and deliciously nutritious food so that all pets have the vitality to play.

We look at the world from a pet’s point of view so that we can understand what they want, not just what they need. We put all our understanding, love, fun, and inventiveness into everything we make.

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Joy from Nose to Tail… Naturally

Our vision for Webbox Naturals is to give pet parents peace of mind knowing that the food they’re feeding their pets is both healthy and tail-waggingly delicious.

Tasty treats and nutritious food are key to a pet’s happiness. It’s true what they say: happy pets make happy people.

Created with love in Lancashire

We care about what goes into our products. Our pets deserve the best, which is why we use locally sourced meats and ingredients.

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We are proud to stock Webbox super healthy pet food and tasty treats in the following national stores. You can also click ‘view all stockists’ to find your nearest independent store.

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