How to raise the purr-fect cat

Cats are adorable, there’s absolutely no doubt about that. However, sometimes cats can develop a range of behavioural problems that can be seriously hard to cope with. If you’re a new cat owner or thinking about adopting a fur baby, you can nip these problems in the bud before your life descends into kitty chaos. Read on for the complete guide on how to raise the purr-fect cat. 


Give your cat plenty of toys

This one kind of goes without saying but cats get bored very easily. They need plenty of toys to keep them occupied when you’re out and about or in bed at night. You definitely want to make sure they have a scratching post as this will deter them from scratching up your furniture and it’s also worth investing in a feline-friendly cat tree.


Make sure your cat has a good diet

It’s true that a healthy diet can help with a number of behavioural problems in cats. Offer your cat the right amount of food at the same times everyday and keep an eye on their general demeanor to make sure there’s nothing in their diet that’s causing them to have an upset tummy. Shop reputable brands, such as Webbox and Webbox Naturals and avoid feeding them human food where possible. It is also worth noting that you should try to keep treats to a minimum, even if those big kitty eyes are tugging on your heartstrings! 


Establish a proper routine

Just like their canine companions, cats respond really well to a proper routine. The trick is consistency. Mealtimes, playtime and cuddle time should all be at the same times everyday, so your cat always has an idea of what to expect. This will also prevent your cat from acting out in boredom or frustration. 


Listen to your cat

We know that cats don’t like to listen to their owners, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to your cat! Some cats are more vocal than others, especially depending on the breed. However, when a cat is howling or generally making more noise than usual, it may be that they’re trying to tell you something. Cats are noisier when they’re hungry, bored or in pain so make a note of this and try to respond to their needs in the best way you can. The main thing to note is that if your cat is acting out of character, it’s probably worth a trip to the vet.


Take steps to keep your cat safe

Kitties get up to mischief, it’s just a fact of life. Not only will cat-proofing your home protect your belongings, it will also keep your fur baby safe from harm. If you do this from the outset, your cat will understand from the very beginning what they can play with and what they can’t. The overall aim here is to promote good behaviour from the start. 


Change your litter tray frequently

If your cat uses a litter-tray, make sure you clean it regularly. Cats are quite fastidious about where they go to the loo so if their litter tray smells a bit on the funky side they might decide your rug is the better option! Don’t forget though, sometimes cats refuse to use their litter tray for a variety of medical reasons so it’s worth taking your fur baby to the vet if they suddenly change their habits. 


Train your cat

Yes, you can train your cat and don’t let the haters tell you any different! Our feline friends are highly intelligent creatures and have both short-term and long-term memories. Like dogs, positive reinforcement is the way to go so when your cat shows positive behaviour, reward them with a treat. Try to reserve treats just for training purposes and your cat will quickly understand that they need to work for those tasty nibbles. 


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