Is your dog the next Webbox Naturals Dog Food Taster?

We are looking for a new dog for our ‘Dog Food Taster’ role here at Webbox Naturals.

The successful ‘canine-didate’ will receive a year’s worth of food and in return will need to send a video review or blog every month to Webbox Naturals, reviewing the food and detailing vital information such as how it’s impacting their wellbeing, general health, teeth, coat and energy levels.

The new Webbox Naturals Food Tester will be sent a hamper of food four times across 12 months. Detailed reviews will need to be sent to the team at Webbox Naturals every month. The successful candidate will also be encouraged to upload updates to their social media channels including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.



How to apply

1)    Visit ‘Dog Food Taster Application’

2)    Upload a short bio about your dog, photo, breed information and why they should be the next Webbox Naturals Food Taster, plus your contact details.

3)    The successful candidate will be notified and given further instructions about their new job in April 2020.

Terms and conditions

    Applications open on the 24th February 2020 and close on the 24th March.

    Only dogs from the United Kingdom can be considered for this role.

    The dog’s owner must have access to a computer, laptop, mobile or tablet in order to upload monthly blog or video review.

    Applications are limited to one dog per owner – duplicate applications will not be considered.

    Owners must give details on dog at the application stage; i.e. breed, size, age, weight, current eating habits, exercise routine.

    The dog will receive 12 months’ worth of food, sent to their home address four times in the year.

    Webbox Naturals require monthly video reviews or blogs to be sent no later than the 25th of each month.

    Only the successful candidate will be notified in April 2020.



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