How to create a doggy spa

We all need a little R&R every now and then and as it turns out, dogs do too! If your pooch deserves a treat that goes beyond the odd tasty snack, then read on. We’ve put together the complete guide on how to create your pet’s very own doggy spa! Talk about spoiled rotten…

Make sure your dog is relaxed

There’s no point creating a doggy spa if your dog is full of energy and raring to go! Take your furry pal for a long walk and do your best to tire them out with a few games of fetch. Most dogs need lots of exercise before they’re willing to relax so it’s good to keep this in mind. The best time to do your doggy spa is in the evening when your pet has had a full day of mischief and games! 

Set the mood

You need to make sure the environment is right if you want your doggy to feel like they’re at a real spa! Keep the lights dim and consider lighting a few candles. Just make sure they’re well out of reach of your pet in order to avoid any accidents. Lay some pillows or cushions on the floor and choose a peaceful time of day when it’s not too noisy. 

Choose the right music 

Typical spa music is all well and good, but as it turns out, what dogs find the most relaxing is a bit of reggae or soft rock. They prefer slow tempo music with fewer instruments so this makes a lot of sense. It may not be the kind of vibe you’d normally expect from a spa, but those old Bob Marley records are all the rage at doggy spas! 

Give your dog a massage

Studies show that giving your dog a massage actually helps reduce anxiety, promotes their overall well being and improves their bodily functions. Not to mention, they help strengthen the bond between pet parent and pooch! 

To massage your pet, stroke them gently on the back until they lie down. Begin the massage by rubbing your pet’s neck gently in a circular motion, offering calm words of encouragement. Continue the massage down your dog’s shoulders, back and stomach, ensuring the pressure is light and that your pet is comfortable. You can try massaging their legs and paws, but some dogs don’t like this so if they pull away you know it’s a no-no! Before long, your dog will be calm, relaxed and maybe even fast asleep. 

Gently brush their fur 

You can give your dog the real spa treatment by giving their fur a nice brush. Dogs, especially certain breeds with longer coats, are prone to knots and tangles, so brushing their fur helps keep their coat shiny and healthy. 

If your dog doesn’t really like having their fur brushed, you can alternate between massaging them and gently detangling their fur. They’re likely to be so relaxed they won’t even notice the difference! Of course, if your pet’s fur is excessively long or hasn’t been brushed in some time, then a trip to the dog groomer is likely to be the better option. 

Don’t forget refreshments 

You can’t have a spa without delicious refreshments! Spas like to promote health and well being, so why not make a pet friendly fruit platter as a way of treating your pet once their treatments are complete! Apples are a great source of vitamin A & C and they’re also packed with fibre. Other great options are blueberries, strawberries, watermelon, bananas and cantaloupes. Remember – grapes are toxic to dogs so definitely don’t include these! 

There’s nothing that we love more than seeing pictures of Webbox customers and their pets on social media. If you decide to give your dog the royal treatment with a spa, make sure you take loads of pictures and share them with us on social! 


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