Hot dog? A pet parent’s guide for keeping your pooch cool in a heatwave

With summer (finally) upon us, most pet parents are probably wondering about things they can do to keep their pooch cool as the temperatures soar. Many dogs have thick, warm coats, which can pose a bit of a problem when it comes to overheating. If you want to find out about what you can do to keep your pet cooler than a cocktail on the beach, read on for the Webbox ultimate guide. You can also click here, to shop our cooling range.

Plan walks appropriately 

When it’s hot outside, you want to make sure you plan your walks properly. Opt for times of day when it’s likely to be cooler (like early morning or late in the evening) and choose shaded, wooded areas, rather than overly bright areas. Keep in mind that when it’s particularly warm outside, you might be best skipping your dog’s usual walk altogether.

Keep water handy 

It might sound obvious, but make sure you have water handy wherever you go. You’d be surprised at the number of pet owners that forget to take water with them when they go out on a walk! It’s also worth taking a dog bowl with you, so you have something to pour the water into. Staying hydrated is vitally important for dogs, especially in hot weather. 

Freeze some Dog-e-Lix

Who doesn’t love a delicious frozen treat on a hot summer day? Dogs are no different! For ease, you can pop a few packets of Dog-e-Lix in the freezer and before you know it you’ll have a few meat-flavoured ice lollies on hand for your pooch. I know it doesn’t sound that appetising to humans but we’ve tried and tested it and dogs can’t get enough! If you don’t have any Dog-e-lix to hand, you can mix your dog’s usual food with low-sodium stock and freeze the mixture in ice cube trays.

Protect those paws

Pavements and roads get scorchingly hot during summer. If the ground is too hot for you to walk on with bare feet, it’s too hot for your dog. It really is as simple as that. The best thing to do is avoid walking on these hot surfaces altogether and choose shady patches of grass instead. Better yet, stay home until things are a bit cooler! 

Stimulate their brains

When it’s hot outside, sometimes the safest option for your pet is to forgo their walk and just stay home. If you have a very energetic dog on your hands, this can be easier said than done. Even exercising in the house can overheat your pooch, so to be on the safe side, you can entertain your dog indoors by giving them plenty of mental stimulation instead. Consider hiding some low calorie treats around the house or invest in a doggy puzzle to keep them busy. 

Don’t leave your dog in a car

It kind of goes without saying but you never ever want to leave your dog in the car for any length of time when it’s hot outside. Even if the windows are partially open, it can still reach a staggeringly high temperature inside a car very, very quickly. Don’t take the risk, if you have to go somewhere where dogs aren’t allowed, it’s probably safer to leave your pooch at home. 

Get your dog a fur-cut

Picture this, it’s a gorgeous sunny day and suddenly someone chucks a fur coat over your shoulders and insists you wear it. You’d be absolutely sweltering in about 5 seconds flat! We have to consider that dog coats are designed to keep them warm and when it’s hot outside, this is the opposite of what’s good for them. During the warmer months, take your dog to the groomers and get your pooch’s fur cut as short as possible. They may look a bit funny for a while but it will help keep them cool, that’s for sure! 

Slap on the sunscreen 

Did you know you can actually buy pet-friendly sunscreen? Dogs often get burnt on their noses or on the tips of their ears where the fur is sparse. Dabbing a bit of sunscreen onto these areas will help protect their skin and prevent uncomfortable sunburn.

Splash out on a paddling pool

It’s not just kids that love paddling pools, they’re great for dogs too! Cold water will help keep your dog from overheating and they’ll probably have a lot of fun playing in the water while they’re at it. If you don’t have a paddling pool and your dog is spending time with you outside, give them an occasional splash with the hose to keep their fur cool. 

Invest in some fans

We’re not really a nation with readily available air conditioning and because of this, most of us are reliant on fans to keep us cool in Summer. A fan might not do quite as good of a job as air-con but they still go a long way towards keeping cool! When temperatures rise, it’s time to get the fans on as they will also work wonders for keeping your pet cool. 

Know the signs of heat exhaustion

When dogs are overheating, there are several signs to keep an eye out for. They may start panting excessively, have dry gums and may appear to be overly tired or confused. In extreme cases, dogs can suffer seizures when their internal temperature reaches a certain level. This is why it is so important to keep your dog cool and avoid spending excess time in the sun. 

Do you have any additional tips we’ve missed to keep your dog cool in summer 2022? Connect with us on social media and tell us all about them! 


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