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Funny tricks to teach your dog today.

We all love spending quality time with our dogs and we can’t deny that we want our pups to be the best of the best. Teaching your fur baby some tricks will definitely put them at the top of their game. Learning new commands can be a little tricky for our canine companions but Webbox […]


What does your pet’s star sign tell you about your fur baby?

We all love to check our Horoscopes every now and then. They can help focus our energy and encourage us to maximise our positive potential. We can use them to predict events to come (although the accuracy is somewhat up in the air!) and analyse our characters and the characters of others. Who says we […]


Why Webbox Naturals dry food is a great option for your cat

If wet food just isn’t doing the trick, it might be time to consider making the switch to dry food for your feline friend. There are numerous benefits of both wet and dry food (read the pros and cons blog right here) but it’s safe to say that dry food is making a serious comeback […]