Funny tricks to teach your dog today.

We all love spending quality time with our dogs and we can’t deny that we want our pups to be the best of the best. Teaching your fur baby some tricks will definitely put them at the top of their game. Learning new commands can be a little tricky for our canine companions but Webbox has you covered! Read on to find out exactly how to train your pup to pull off the cutest tricks. 


Who doesn’t love a handshake with their best friend? Luckily, this is a relatively easy trick to teach your fur baby. First, show your dog you have a treat in your hand, then hold it close to your chest while holding the opposite hand out in front of you. Make sure you have their full attention and use the command ‘shake’ or ‘paw’. You may want to touch one of their front paws the first few times to better communicate what you’re asking them to do. Eventually, your dog will put two and two together and give you their paw to secure that tasty treat! 

Bang/play dead

This is an advanced trick, so patience is key. This is similar to the ‘rollover’ command, so if your pup has mastered that trick then you’re already one step ahead. Begin by pointing your finger at your dog in a pistol shape and say  ‘Bang’. Again, ensure you have a treat in your other hand for a reward. Immediately after the command, hold the treat above your pup and follow them down to the floor as if you’re instructing them to lay down. Whilst your pup is in this position tell them to stay and give them a reward. Keep practicing until your pooch is confident with the trick! 


This trick is one of the easier ones for dogs to master. With a treat in one hand, let your fur baby have a good whiff. Then, enclose the treat into a fist and move your hand around in a circle above their head, instructing your pooch to ‘spin’. Soon enough, your dog will ‘spin’ on command! For the best treats money can buy, shop Webbox online today. 

High five

Like the handshake, this impressive trick is an easy one to learn. Hold your hand up vertically as if you’re waving hello and place your hand directly behind it with a  treat between your fingers. Say ‘high five!’ and encourage your pooch to place their paw against your open hand. Repeat until you’re high-fiving each other like pros! 


Finish off by teaching your pup the cutest trick in the book. Place a treat in front of your face and give the command ‘kiss’, while extending your cheek towards your furry pet. This requires quick reflexes on the owner’s part as some pups are a bit over enthusiastic with their kisses to begin with! Before your dog comes too close to your face, move away as quickly as possible. This sends a clear message that your dog needs to be gentle in their approach. Most dogs nail the trick after a few attempts and you’ll be left with a cute fur baby that gives you nice gentle kisses!

Our tasty treats are a great training aid and we’re certain that your dog will love them! Remember, teaching your pup new tricks is definitely a learning curve; we’re sure they’re paw-fect no matter what. Follow us on social media today to keep up to date with all things Webbox Naturals.


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