Top Tips for Travelling with Pets

Pets are part of the family, so nowadays it’s the norm to take them everywhere with us – be that a day out in the city, a weekend away or exploring overseas! As every owner knows, travelling with pets can become a stressful ordeal, so we’ve rounded up our top tips to help make the experience as smooth as possible.

Plan ahead
Whether you’re going on a day trip or a two-week holiday abroad, it’s important to plan! To make your trip easier and less stressful for you and your furry friend, check what pet-friendly venues are nearby your destination – you never know when you’ll need a pub or café to recoup your energy in. And if you’re staying over, check the hotel policy for pets, so you know where your tail-wagger has access to. We wouldn’t want them getting turned away! To find pawfect places to stay, drink, eat and explore head over to our new website, Pets Are Welcome. 

Check the weather
Wherever you’re heading, check the weather! This will give you some guidance on what to pack and how to organise your trip. Raining? Pack some extra towels to wipe off muddy paws. Heatwave? Ensure you have plenty of water and your outdoor activities are planned to avoid the hottest times of the day.

Feed them early in the day before travelling
A backseat poo is not ideal for anyone. Before setting off on your travels, especially for long car journeys, feed your pet a couple of hours before, so they’ve got plenty of time to enjoy their meal and go to the toilet.

Take plenty of breaks
Taking regular breaks can help your pet become more comfortable. If you’re travelling with a pooch, this gives them time to stretch their legs and go to the loo. With other furry friends, such as cats or rabbits, opening the boot to maximise ventilation ensures they get plenty of fresh air.

Make sure they’re secure
Some pets love travelling and some hate it, so make sure you’ve got the right equipment based on their individual needs and requirements. This could include a special harness that clips onto the seat belt, keeping them secure and reducing the risk of them jumping onto you while driving. Alternatively, your pet may be more comfortable travelling in a crate – you can use plenty of blankets to make it comfy and easier for them to relax. 

Keep a routine
If you’re going away overnight or for a long period of time, try to keep your pet’s routine as regular as possible, this will help to reduce any feelings of stress and anxiety. Feeding the same food will help reduce the chance of an upset stomach and taking familiar items that smell like home such as their bed, blankets and toys can help them feel secure.

If you sniff out any amazing, pet-friendly venues on your travels, you can share them with other owners here.


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