The ultimate puppy and kitten feeding guide

Knowing what you should be feeding your puppy or kitten is a bit of a minefield. With so many brands and varieties now available, it’s difficult to figure out what food is best for your pet. As a responsible pet owner, we understand that you want only the best for your fur baby, which is why we’ve put this useful guide together. Read on and unravel the mystery surrounding puppy and kitten food! 


How often should puppies eat?

Between the ages of 8-12 weeks, most puppies eat three times a day. You should try to space out their mealtimes evenly as this helps them maintain their blood sugar. They will likely need feeding three times a day even after 12 weeks, but you may be able to reduce this down to two feeds a day. Your pooch will find ways to let you know if they’re hungry or not getting enough food.

How do I decide on portion sizes?

Always follow label guidance. Dog food can be very calorific and while it is important that your puppy gets enough food, you need to make sure you don’t overfeed them. Keep in mind that portion sizes vary massively depending on the breed (you wouldn’t feed a Chihuahua the same amount as a German Shepherd would you?!). Do your research and make sure the quantity is right. 

My puppy still seems hungry, what should I do?

There’s no doubt about it, puppies love their food. If your pup still seems a bit on the peckish side when they’ve finished their food, try feeding them a little bit more. It’s worth keeping in mind that many puppies will just eat what’s in front of them, whether they’re hungry or not, so don’t fall for it! You can try feeding smaller portions more frequently or invest in a slow-feed bowl. 

Is it okay to give my puppy treats?

We all love treating our fur babies every now and then. However, treats should only make up about 15% of your puppy’s overall diet, so be sure to offer them sparingly. Many treats are quite calorific despite them being quite small so keep them to a minimum, especially if you’re doing reward-based training. It may be hard to deny your pooch when they’re giving you those big puppy-dog eyes but stay strong, you can do this! Webbox has a wide range of puppy-friendly treats available, click this way to make your pup’s day. 

Should I feed my puppy wet or dry food? 

As experts in all things pet, this is a question we get asked all the time. Ultimately, there are pros and cons on both sides. Wet food has a higher moisture content, so it tends to lower in calories and be more appealing to dogs due to its strong smell. Having said that, wet food spoils easily and can’t be left out throughout the day. It’s a good option if you want to reduce your pet’s calorie intake. Dry food, on the other hand, is much more dense and packs a lot more calories, which means your dog needs less of it to meet their nutritional requirements. The crunchy texture of dry food helps keep your dog’s teeth clean and the food can be left out all day without any bad odours. 

What dog food brand should I choose?

Deciding what to feed your puppy is a big decision and not one you should take lightly. Puppies need the right balance of protein, vitamins and minerals to grow fit and strong and not all dog foods are created equal. Many pet food companies laden their products with bulking agents and use low quality, artificial ingredients that likely won’t do your pooch any favours. A great option for your puppy is Webbox Naturals; our specially designed natural pet food is ethically produced and includes only the highest quality ingredients, promoting your pet’s health from head to paw. 


How often do kittens need to eat?

When kittens are first born, they survive exclusively off their mother’s milk. Once they’re weaned, they start eating solid food at around 8 weeks of age. General advice is to feed your kitten small amounts at least 4 times a day until they’re 3 months old. Kittens are curious and full of energy by their very nature so it stands to reason that they need plenty of calories to enable them to run, jump, play and grow! 

How much should I feed my kitten?

Half a cup of food each time you feed your kitten is probably the right way to go about it. Many pet food companies these days pre-portion kitten pouches, so you don’t need to worry too much about under or overfeeding. 

How much should I be feeding my kitten?

You may be wondering if you can overfeed a kitten and the short answer is, not really. It is nigh on impossible to feed your fur baby too much up to about 3 or 4 months old as their tiny bodies are growing and in need of sustenance to support this. 

Should I feed my kitten wet or dry food?

Similar to dog food, there are pros and cons of both dry kitten food and wet kitten food. However, keep in mind that when kittens are very small, they may struggle to chew dry food, as they have very small teeth. That is why most pet owners feed their kitten wet food, especially in the beginning. You can start by feeding wet food, then graduating to a mixture of wet and dry as your kitten gets a bit older. Once they’re 3 or 4 months old, you can just feed the food that suits your lifestyle best (provided your cat is in agreement!). 

Can I give my kitten milk?

Some inexperienced pet owners may assume that it’s okay to give kittens cow’s milk. In reality, this is actually likely to cause some adverse reactions, such as diarrhoea. This is because kittens don’t have the proper enzymes required to digest the lactose in cow’s milk. Remember, diarrhoea can be life threatening for small kittens so your best bet is to just stay clear. 

Where should I put my kitten’s food bowl?

Kittens like to eat in peace, in a place that’s quiet and comfortable. Try to avoid placing your kitten’s food bowl in loud, busy areas of the house as it may affect their willingness to eat. Places like a spare bedroom, hallway or the bathroom are ideal. 

What brand should I feed my kitten? 

Ultimately, the choice is entirely yours! Do your research and try to ensure you opt for a high quality, high protein brand that incorporates lots of natural ingredients. You’re entirely responsible for your pet’s health and well being so make sure you put thought into the choices you make. 

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