15 things dogs can’t stand

Dogs are mysterious creatures. While there might be a huge variety of things they absolutely adore, there are also a lot of things they seriously hate. Read on for 15 things your dog can’t stand and learn how to keep your dog’s world free from stress and anxiety:

  1. Being dressed up

Sure, your dog might look adorable in a frilly pink tutu but dogs actually hate being dressed up. Clothes can make them feel uncomfortable or even scared, which isn’t good for you or your dog. If you really want to dress up your dog, make sure you introduce them to the idea slowly, so it isn’t a negative experience for them. 

  1. Strong smells

We all know that dogs have an exceptional sense of smell, which is why they’re not really keen on strong perfume or aftershave scents. They find them completely overpowering and much prefer all natural scents that haven’t been artificially made. 

  1. Unwanted contact

We completely understand the urge to smother your dog with hugs and kisses, but dogs can find this a bit stressful. Many dogs tolerate hugs from a trusted human, but in all likelihood, they don’t actually like them. Try to follow your dog’s lead when it comes to affection and refrain from throwing your arms around their neck. Your best bet is to stroke their back or scratch their belly. 

  1. Being alone

This probably won’t come as a surprise but most dogs really don’t like being left on their own. Many pups suffer from separation anxiety and being alone for extended periods of time causes them considerable stress. Try to minimise the amount of time your pooch spends alone as much as possible and if you do have to leave the house for an extended period of time, ask a friend or family member to pop in to see your dog regularly. 

  1. Not having rules

Like toddlers, dogs respond well to boundaries, rules and consistent routines. A lack of rules will likely result in some negative behaviour from your pooch as they don’t understand what’s expected of them. If you’re not consistent in your approach, the mixed signals may confuse your dog and result in them not knowing how to act. A solid routine and structure to their daily life will help your dog feel safe and secure. 

  1. Having a sad or stressed owner

Dogs are exceptionally intuitive and can easily tell when their owner is feeling down in the dumps. They can read body language quite well and feel sad themselves when their dog mum or dad is having a hard day. If you’re feeling down, make sure you respond to your dog’s cues for reassurance and get out for a nice long walk to lift both your spirits.

  1. Fireworks

If your dog cowers behind the sofa when there’s fireworks, don’t worry, they’re not the only one. It’s well known that dogs hate fireworks and find the loud bangs and sudden flashes of light deeply unsettling. If you know there are going to be fireworks in your area, make sure you take your dog on an early walk and have loads of treats & games prepared to keep them distracted. 

  1. Having baths

Unless you’re an extremely lucky pet parent, the chances are that your dog probably hates having a bath. The sensory experience can be upsetting and many dogs thoroughly dislike the smell of shampoo. Try to find a scent-free dog shampoo that won’t be overpowering for them and make sure you stay calm and use a soothing voice during bathtime. You can also give them lots of positive reinforcement by offering them their favourite treats. 

  1. Being patted on the head

You may have noticed that even the most loyal pooch will try to duck out of the way when you reach to pat their head. Even though most people pat dogs on the head, the truth is that the majority of them don’t actually like it. It can cause them discomfort and even make them quite shy, so your best bet is just to refrain from doing it altogether. 

  1. The vacuum cleaner

Most dogs don’t like loud noises and that’s why the vacuum cleaner tends to send them running. They’re loud even for us humans, so for dogs, whose hearing is much better than ours, the sound is almost unbearably loud. Not to mention, vacuum cleaners emit high-frequency sounds that can really frighten your pooch. If you need to do the vacuuming, do it while your dog is in the garden or otherwise engaged. 

  1. Being bored 

Just like humans, dogs hate being bored. Our canine pals need physical and mental stimulation, just like us, and the lack thereof can result in negative behaviour. A bored dog is often a frustrated dog and they will likely take this frustration out on your personal possessions or furniture. Take your pooch on regular walks and provide them with stimulating toys to keep their mind engaged and the boredom at bay. 

  1. Sharing toys and food

Unfortunately, most dogs hate sharing. They have a strong sense of ownership and if another dog takes their food or toys, this can be very intimidating and upsetting for them. They don’t really understand the concept of sharing and this is a really hard one to teach. If you know your pooch is going to be around another dog, make sure you give them food in separate bowls on opposite sides of the room and provide them with their own toys that they can play with on their own.

  1. Prolonged eye contact

You may love gazing into your dog’s big brown eyes but as it turns out, dogs don’t actually like prolonged eye contact. When you stare into your dog’s eyes for an extended period of time, they may start to feel threatened or scared, so try to avoid doing this. There are plenty of other ways you can show your dog you love them, like offering the occasional treat or buying them a new toy!

  1. Being woken up 

If your pooch is having a nice long snooze, chances are they won’t appreciate being woken up. Waking a dog up suddenly can cause them considerable alarm, so it’s always best to let sleeping dogs lie. If your dog seems to be sleeping excessively, or always seems tired, it’s worth taking a trip to the vets to make sure there is nothing untoward going on. 

  1. Not being treated as an individual

Ultimately, all dogs are different and their likes and dislikes are dependent on what they’ve been exposed to in the past and their general disposition. Stay in tune with your dog and be sensitive to anything that seems to cause them distress. Every dog is unique- that’s one of the many reasons why we love them so much!

Does your dog have any interesting quirks or things they’re not so keen on? Connect with us on social media and tell us all about your fur baby.


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