10 quirky presents you need to give to your cat at Christmas

Christmas is a time of celebration for all the family, including your pets, so we’ve put together a list of quirky gifts you can buy for your feline family members.

Aside from your average cat toys, there are a host of fun options available, from fancy cat homes complete with balconies to luxury spa pampering sessions. Treat your cat this Christmas, there’s no excuse!

Spa pampering

It turns out your pets can have as much of a pampering as us humans can! There are spas dedicated to giving your feline friends relaxing experiences, from grooming to animal communication. There’s even Reiki Healing if your cat is particularly spiritual…


Cat scratching furniture

Cats love to scratch away at objects around the house, so give them their own piece of furniture and you’ll save your sofas and furniture getting ripped to shreds! You can even go for something quirky which they’ll enjoy or something that fits into your home more naturally.


Cat Cave

If you want to give your cat their own bit of space in your home there are many options from the luxurious and extravagant to the weird and wonderful.  If you’re thinking of something a little different, a comfy cave for your cat would be purrfect!


Cat bowl

Every stylish cat deserves a chic bowl to be fed from, surely? The stainless steel this particular bowl is crafted from gives it a sleek modern finish so it doesn’t look out of place in your kitchen, whilst the cheerful design will make your cat’s mealtimes a joyous experience.


Sleeping bag

Sleeping bags aren’t just reserved for your camping trips – you can keep your cats snug with them too! Just imagine how cute your feline friends will look when they’re tucked away…


Light toy

If you want to make sure your cat gets enough exercise this type of light toy is ideal– they’ll get hours of fun and it will be good for them too!


Luxury cat home

If your cat has a taste for luxury, then there are options for you to really push the boat out and get them a grand home to reside in. This home even comes with a balcony if you’re feeling particularly generous about your cat’s living arrangements.


Feeding station

Want to monitor your cat’s food intake? This feeding station can make feeding fun, as well as keeping tabs on those greedy cats that can’t stop eating!


Paw rub

This luxury paw rub containing Shea Butter and Aloe will protect your cat’s paws perfectly. Your cats can be susceptible to getting sore paws when they’re spending a lot of time outside, so treat them to some moisturising rub to alleviate any irritation.


Cat Treats

For the ultimate treat this Christmas why not try our festive range?

Have you already got some quirky gifts for your cats? Show us your pictures on Facebook and Twitter!


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