Webbox Wildlife Hedgehog Food 400g Can


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  • 12 units, each containing 400g
  • A specially designed pâté
  • Made with fresh chicken
  • Rich in moisture to support hydration in hedgehogs

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Webbox Wildlife Hedgehog Food is a complementary food for wild hedgehogs that is high in fibre and free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, providing all of the goodness our spiky friends need. Delicious food that helps encourage hedgehogs into your garden, our Webbox Wildlife Hedgehog Food is a tasty, nutritional complement to a hedgehog’s natural diet, and is packed with added vitamins and minerals to give your local hedgehogs all the healthy goodness they need. Place in a shallow dish and put out before dusk in a quiet area of the garden along with a shallow dish of water to encourage hedgehogs into your garden.

Nutrition Information
Meat and Animal Derivatives: 49%
Cereals: 0%
Moisture: 81%
Crude Ash: 8.5%

Meat and Animal Derivatives (59%, of which 8% Chicken)*, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin*, Minerals.

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