Cats for Kids: The Best Cat Breeds for Children

Deciding to get a cat is a major decision, especially when it comes to choosing the right breed for you and your family. Although the selection process can seem intimidating at first, it’s important to take a breed’s personality and needs into consideration before deciding to ensure a happy and healthy relationship with your cat.

Not only do cats provide companionship, but they also offer valuable life lessons for kids and help them learn important skills such as taking responsibility for others, respect and discipline. But, as with dogs, choosing a cat with the wrong temperament for your family could disrupt your lifestyle and put your children off having a pet for a long time.

With so many different breeds of cat out there it’s no wonder first-time owners struggle to find the right pet for them. Our handy guide looks at the eight best cat breeds for kids to help you find the perfect furry friend for your family.

The best cat breeds for kids


Siamese cats have long been one of the most popular breeds for families and with good reason. They boast high levels of intelligence, which can sometimes make them demanding of their owners, but their affectionate personalities and friendly nature makes them a great choice for kids who are getting a cat for the first time.

Maine Coon

Considered by many to be the ideal house cat, the Maine Coon is outgoing, intelligent and affectionate and will show plenty of attention to your kids. A large body with a thick coat and tendency to shed makes them high maintenance, but they make up for that with a playful nature that is sure to warm the hearts of a young family.


These beautiful and affectionate cats make ideal companions for children as they’re easy to handle, very playful and have gentle temperaments. Although they’re less active than other breeds, they enjoy romping around with other household pets and can adapt to any type of home. They aren’t demanding but they do enjoy being petted and fussed by little ones and adults alike.


The Abyssinian is an active cat that will keep your kids entertained with their high energy levels, meaning they’ll never tire of playing games with little ones. They are a breed that loves the company of others – whether it be animals or humans – and their short coat is unlikely to create a mess around the house, making them one of the most popular choices for active families.


Not too dissimilar to the Siamese, Burmese cats will enjoy interacting with a family – though caution must be taken when introducing them to other breeds. They make an adorable family pet that prefers to spend its time indoors and is more likely to curl up in your lap and have a snooze than run riot throughout the house, making them an ideal companion for young and old kids alike.


The Manx is a gentle and playful breed that enjoys playing fetch. Some give all their love and attention to one member of the family, while others crave companionship with a range of people. They make calm and understanding pets that love to run and play, but they also require daily grooming to keep their double coat in good condition.


Persians are extremely popular family pets due to their distinctive features, calm temperament and willingness to play. They crave human companionship and have plenty of energy to keep up with kids. Like other long-haired breeds, they like to stick to a strict routine, making them better suited to households with children who know how to handle cats.


Mild-mannered, patient and laid-back, Ragdolls make ideal companions for families with young children. They are playful, easy to train and adapt easily to almost any environment, meaning they get on well with kids and adults alike. Known for their puppy-like behaviour, they enjoy being picked up and carried around.

Although some breeds are better suited to families with children than others, every cat has a distinct personality and behaviour. Before you bring any cat into your home, be sure to check their temperament and requirements with the breeder or shelter worker to ensure they’re the right fit for your family.

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