12 signs you’re a crazy cat lady

We’re a nation of cat lovers, there’s no doubt about it. But there’s a fine line between adoring your pet and being a full blown crazy cat lady! If you think you might be teetering on cat mad, keep reading for the 12 signs to look out for.

  1. Your cat eats better than you do

If you’re dining on beans on toast while your cat chows down on the best gourmet cat food money can buy, you definitely fall into the crazy cat lady category.

  1. You like cats more than people

People are complicated but cats…okay, they’re complicated too. Nonetheless if you prefer being with your cats than catching up with your friends or family, you pretty much meet all the criteria for being a feline fanatic. 

  1. Your photo gallery mainly contains pictures of your cat

Who needs pictures of delicious home cooked meals or glorious sunsets when you can take fifty-plus near identical images of your cat lounging in front of the fire? 

  1. You have conversations with your cat

Sure, cats aren’t the best conversationalists but if you frequently have a good old chin-wag with your furry bestie, you may be a little bit on the cat mad side. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us. 

  1. You have more cat toys than furniture

Is that mountain of cat toys starting to look a little bit bigger than your dining room table? Yep, you’re a crazy cat lady.  

  1. Your cat sleeps in your bed

Who needs boundaries when you’re the pet parent of a seriously cute cat? Letting your cat sleep in your bed on a regular basis is one of the most common signs of being a bit cat mad. 

  1. You don’t mind your cat scratching your furniture

All cats scratch furniture from time to time but if your fur baby does this and you actually don’t mind, you’re a crazy cat lady. We get it though, how could you possibly be mad when they give you those big kitten eyes? 

  1. You’re perpetually covered in cat hair 

If you find that no amount of laundry or vacuuming leaves you totally cat hair-free, chances are you’re a cat fanatic. The cat hair chic look is fashionable though, right? 

  1. Your cat is the boss

Does your cat have his or her own spot on the sofa that you’re not allowed to sit on? Does your cat demand to be fed in a timely fashion? Does your cat insist on neck scratches when you’re busy doing something? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re queen of the cat crazies.

  1. You have an instagram account dedicated to your account

No explanation needed.

  1. The content you share on this account is written from a cat’s perspective

See above. 

  1. You can’t see your living room floor anymore because you have too many cats

The verdict is in and yep, you guessed it, you’re a crazy cat lady.


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