The UK’s Most Popular Puppies

To celebrate National Puppy Day on 23rd March, we’re looking at UK’s most popular puppies. Each breed has its own set of quirky characteristics, not to mention being adorable in their own way. From Pugs’ squishy faces to Labs’ charm, we will cover all the important qualities you need to know about a breed before taking the plunge (and making the best decision ever) to welcome a puppy into the family home.


No. 5 The English Springer Spaniel

Originally bred as hunting dogs, English Springer Spaniels need a lot of exercise and love playing outdoors. Their love of nature makes them more suited to homes with a secure garden where they can explore at their leisure. After a day of adventures, they enjoy nothing more than relaxing with the ones they love and need lots of attention to keep them stimulated. Leaving this pooch alone for too long can make them feel unsettled and anxious, so it’s important you have plenty of time to enjoy each other’s company. Their loyalty and gentle disposition make them great with children and responsiveness to training mean the whole family can enjoy hours of trick training and canine sports. Find out more about caring for an English Springer Spaniel here.



No. 4 The Pug

 Beginning their lives tail-wagging amongst Chinese royalty, these adorable furbabies lived a life of luxury, with most still enjoying being waited on hand and foot. Their moderate exercise requirements make them perfect for apartment living, but if you’ve got a hectic schedule you may want to reconsider getting a Pug as they expect to be the centre of attention and dislike being left alone. A Pug’s squishy face is one of its best-loved features, bringing a smile to many owners’ faces, but don’t be fooled by the cuteness. Although small, they can be very noisy – snorting, snuffling and snoring their way through the day – along with having a stubborn temperament, which makes training them quite difficult. Find out more about these pint-sized woofers here.



No. 3 The Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels are stunning in looks, playful and are loving dogs to have around. Most famously known as the breed of ‘Lady’ in ‘Lady and the Tramp’, their long glossy coats make them a canine beauty. However, their glorious coats make grooming routines quite labour intensive and expensive, as their long, wavy fur needs a lot of maintenance to prevent matting. They’re full of energy so require regular exercise, however, they can still make great apartment dogs if you can provide them with an active lifestyle. When not stimulated with exercise or socialised correctly, Cocker Spaniels can become fearful or snappy, with associated barking and chewing behaviours. Find about more about getting your very own Lady here.



No. 2 French Bulldog

 French Bulldogs make wonderful companions and their playful personalities can bring joy to any household. Like Pugs, they require minimal exercise and are not prone to barking, making them perfect for smaller dwellings (but be prepared for some drool). Although they are very friendly and affectionate, they love to be the centre of attention and can be very stubborn. So, it’s important to have strong, firm ownership and not to over-indulge them too much. The key thing to remember about Frenchies is they thrive off human contact so won’t respond well to being left alone for long periods of time. Find out more about these loyal, loving canines here.


No. 1 The Labrador Retriever

As the most popular dog in the UK, it’s easy to see why these adorable fluff balls are the chosen canine companion of many. From the minute you bring a Labrador puppy into your home, be prepared for hours of fun, snuggles and mischief. If there’s one thing to remember about Labs it’s that they love to eat, this could be their own food, your food or inedible items lying around the house. They’re naturally very active and require at least 1 hour of exercise every day, without the right amount of activity they are prone to lots of chewing, biting and becoming overweight. Remember, with larger dogs such as Labradors they need to learn doggy manners as early as possible to stop them from jumping up, snapping or biting. Find out more about these loveable companions here.


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