Keeping your furry friend cool during a heatwave

The heatwave is here to stay, at least for now, however the warm weather can be a difficult for our furry friends. So here are a few tips to help you keep your pet cooler during the hotter months:

1.       Plenty of water: make sure you put down plenty of cool and fresh water out for your pet and ensure their water bowl is kept in a cool and shaded area.

2.       Early and late walks: the weather will be at its hottest midday, so it is best to take your pooch on a walk earlier in the day and later on in the evening to prevent them from overheating or burning their paws.

3.       Go for a dip: a paddling pool is a great way to help keep your dog nice and cool. Fill the pool with cold and water and keep it in the shade, so when your doggy gets too hot they can go for a dip to cool down.

4.       Collapsible water bowl: make sure you take a collapsible water bowl on walks with you and your four-legged friend and prevent them from getting dehydrated.

5.       Protect their skin: in sensitive areas, such as the nose, your pet could be prone to getting sunburnt but this can be avoided by purchasing pet-friendly sun cream.

6.       Homemade frozen treats: a frozen treat will help keep your furry friend nice and cool. There are lots of different recipes you can find online that your furry friend will love! Here’s one that we found



We hope these tips help you keep your four-legged friends cool during the hotter months. If you have any more tips, why not share them with us over on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages? 


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