To feed or not to feed

With Christmas just around the corner and the party season in full swing, many of you will already be thawing out your turkeys or starting to bake your mince pies. Though the festive season is one for us to fully indulge, and that includes our pets, we do need to be cautious about what we are giving to them, especially at Christmas, ensuring anything we do give them is suitable for their bodies and tummies!  

Here at Webbox we want to help you and your pet have the happiest and healthiest Christmas, so we have created a quiz to help guide you through what you should and shouldn’t feed your pets. There are two quizzes for you to have a go at; one for cats and one for dogs. Once you’ve answered each question, you will find out if your answer is correct or incorrect with some helpful information about each food.

You can get involved here, can you get 100%? 

Don’t forget to share your results with us on our Webbox Facebook and Twitter pages!

We wish you and your pets a very merry Christmas!



Team Webbox



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