The cat lover’s guide to stress-free mealtimes

If you own a cat, you’ll know that mealtimes can sometimes be a bit of a stressful experience. Whether your cat just can’t seem to get enough food or they’re fussy about the kinds of food being offered, it’s no surprise that owners often question long-established feeding routines. Webbox Naturals answer all of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to feeding your cat so that you can turn a stressful experience into one that’s enjoyable for both you and your fur baby. 

As a general rule, cats can be split into two categories, those that like to eat and those that don’t:

The hungry cat

It happens everyday; it’s time to feed your cat and they’re acting like they’ve never been fed before. When your cat has a big appetite, or eats really fast, owners often question whether they’re feeding them enough or wonder whether they’re feeding their cat the right kind of food. In truth, cats are gluttonous creatures and many of them have poor impulse control so if something tastes good, they want, want, want it now!

You might be wondering; why is my cat so obsessed with food? Or, why is my cat eating so fast? The answer to these questions may surprise you. Cats can become food obsessed when they’re in an environment that they find stressful or if they feel there’s competition for their food. It is important to introduce structured playtime in order to combat this and to consider if there is anything in the home that might be making your cat feel a bit stressed (for example, the introduction of a new pet). Sometimes, cats may seem extra hungry due to the quality of the food you’re feeding them. Cats need a diet rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals so you want to choose a brand that meets all of their needs. Webbox Naturals is both healthy and delicious and would definitely get a thumbs up from cats across the nation (if they had thumbs, of course).

Assess the situation and you might find that the answer has been in front of you all along! 

The fussy cat

There’s no doubt that cats can be a bit on the fussy side at times. Some cats have less of an appetite than others, but it’s important to understand whether this is just a personality trait of your cat or whether there’s an underlying issue. The key is behaviour; if your cat is suddenly refusing to eat there’s a good chance they may be ill and need to see a vet but if your cat has always turned up his/her nose at dinner, they probably just aren’t that fussed about what’s on offer.

So what do you do when your cat won’t eat? It could be down to the flavour or the texture of the food you’re currently offering. Webbox Naturals has become a fast favourite amongst our feline friends so it might be worth considering a brand switch. Cats also love variety, so offering a mix of wet and dry food in a range of flavours could be your ticket to stress-free mealtimes.

Cats can also refuse food if it’s been left out too long. Even dry food can get a bit stale if it’s been left out all day so it stands to reason that your cat wouldn’t really be interested in this. Sometimes, cats can go off their food if they’re feeling a bit anxious or depressed. It’s worth reviewing if there are any environmental factors that may be contributing to this and trying to climate them where possible.

Ultimately, it is vitally important that you monitor your cat’s behaviour closely if they’re refusing to eat. If they’re not interested in their dry kibble, but go mad for Webbox Lick-e-Lix, there’s a good chance their main meal is just not to their taste and a switch is needed. If your cat was formerly a good eater and they suddenly wants nothing to do with food, further investigation is probably necessary. 

One of the most frequently asked questions by cat owners is: should I leave food out for my cat all the time? Whether your cat is a good eater or a fussy eater, the answer to this is still yes. Leaving a small portion of dry food out during the day will give your cat something to snack on if they’re feeling super hungry, just remember to keep the food fresh so it doesn’t go stale! You cat will thank you for it in the form of purrs and cuddles. 

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