10 games you can play with your cat

Want to spend more quality time with your cat and keep their mind sharp? Look no further, we’ll give you the low-down right here. 

Cats generally sleep for a large amount of the day so it’s important you keep your feline friend active when you can. The first step in ensuring a happy and healthy life for your cat is to mentally stimulate their brain. Here are some fun, interactive games to build a bond and keep your furry friend entertained.


You may be surprised to discover that many cats love to play fetch, or chase after the ball you throw. This stimulates the part of their brain they would use to catch prey. First, get the attention of your fur baby by calling their name and showing them a ball or toy you know they love. Toss the chosen object and you should see your cat leaping around trying to retrieve it. Call them back and always make sure you have a treat to reward their behaviour. They may eventually learn to return the ball back to you after some practice.

Food Play

Puzzle feeders are a great method to use on your cat as they have a desire to hunt and work for their food. Food is naturally motivating, so the whole process of receiving food through a puzzle is rewarding for your furry friend. Start with a simple puzzle filled with food so that the cat doesn’t get frustrated and you can slowly work your way up to harder puzzles. This can be done with food dispenser balls or you could make your own food puzzle. Shop our naturals range for the perfect treats to hide inside.  


Catnip can be used to encourage your cat to behave in a positive manner and sometimes reduce their anxiety levels. If your cat needs a bit more exercise, add a little catnip to their favourite toys to make playing even more interesting. Most cats react to catnip by rolling, flipping and rubbing. Use this every so often to make playtime more exciting, but don’t go overboard.

Chasing Prey

Using a toy on a string and simulating the movements of prey will give your cat a fun and interactive play time with their paw-rents. This will build a bond between you and your feline, while improving your cat’s health with all the jumping and bouncing they will be doing attempting to catch their toy. This playtime is sure to tire your cat out. 

Hide and seek  

A game like hide-and-seek is a useful way to build a bond with your cat. You can hide behind a couch, desk, or bed and it is a fantastic game to play indoors.The goal here is for your cat to playfully stalk you, as if you were their prey! Some cats even enjoy the hiding part and tuck themselves away somewhere while you look for them.This is a good way to connect games with excitement and mental stimulation.

Tablet Games 

There are so many free games to keep your cat amused on your phone or tablet. Your cat will be entertained as they attempt to catch their digital prey with a variety of moving fish, mice, and other tempting graphics like lasers. Watch as your furry friend tries to paw their way through the screen. 

Ping Pong

You and your cat can have a lot of fun with a basic ping pong ball. Simply toss the ball against the wall or the floor and see if your cat can catch it.Their contortions and twists will make them look like a feline acrobat as they try to swipe at the ball.

Teach them a Trick 

Cat training is a great way to connect with your cat as many cats love training if done properly, with patience and rewards. Start with a simple ‘sit’ command. With a treat in one hand, let your fur baby have a good sniff. Then, enclose the treat into a fist and move your hand to your chest while instructing to ‘sit’. Repeat this until your cat has got the hang of it, while also remembering to reward them. 

Climbing toys 

Cats enjoy climbing and a multi-tiered scratching post is excellent for this. This sort of design gives your cat a sense of security by providing hiding spots and a high shelf to see the world go by. To make their climbing more interesting, you can hide treats on the tiers of their climbing toys and see how fast they can sniff out their rewards. 

Fishing Rod Toy 

These toys are good for active cats and will certainly give them a fun play time. First, dangle the fishing rod toy in front of them until you get their attention. Your furry friend should rush after it, into corners and behind furniture, and even jump to grab it in the air, while you quickly move it about, just out of your fur baby’s reach.

Cats love a variety of games and toys so keeping them rotated will ensure they never get bored. Giving your cat the nutrients they need is important when it comes to generating enough energy to play. Shop our Naturals range for the purr-fect treats and main meals.  


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