Oscar, sandwich stealer, rain hater, enjoys nothing more than fresh lamb & garden veg

100% natural ingredients for perfectly natural pets.

why natural

Suitable for all appetites

Connoisseur, fussy eater, or just sensitive – Webbox Natural has something for all pets…

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Everything your bestie needs

The Natural range is full of garden vegetables, fresh herbs and other botanicals, even brown rice…

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Wet food and treats

Our extensive range of wet food for cats and dogs are made with tasty ingredients…

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Complete dry food

Our dry food for cats and dogs is vet approved, full of fresh meat and made from…

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The best value all-natural pet food

Made to the highest standards, ours is the best value range of all natural food...

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Made by us, in our own factories

All of the products in the Natural range are made by us in our own factories...

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