Our Firm Favourite Dog Toys

Whether your furry friend loves to fetch, chew or snuggle, we have a great range of toys that will keep them entertained. Playtime with your bestie not only provides physical benefits but also keeps them mentally stimulated, here are our favourite toys to get their tail wagging!


1. Soft & Comfort Alien









Our Soft & Comfort Alien toy comes in green, blue, orange and grey perfect for pooches who prefer gentle play. Plush toys are ideal for puppies before they hit their teething phase, giving them something to snuggle up to at night.

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2.  Tough & Tugger










The Tough & Tugger toy is great for dogs who want to get down and playful. This toy is built for serious rough-n-tough play with an added fun squeaky ball, great for if your furry friend enjoys a game of tug-of-war!

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3.  Lifestyle Plush Animal








Dogs love to be comforted so if yours is a big fan of snuggling up then this toy is right for them. The Lifestyle Plush Squirrel or Fox is perfect for them to relax with after a long walk.

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4.  Fun & Squeaky Long Leg Farm Animal










This super fun Long Leg Farm Animal toy will give a playful dog a great experience. Available in both a pig or a cow, this squeaky toy will provide hours of enjoyment for your pup.

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5. Naturals Tough & Tugger










This next tough and tugger toy is inspired by natural material and textures which is perfect for both play and comfort.

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6.  Throw & Fetch









This toy is designed to make exercise fun for your pooch. The Throw & Fetch range is a welcomed alternative to the every-day tennis ball, adding variety into your dog’s physical activity routine.

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