6 Christmas gifts for your furry friend!

Christmas is about giving, so why not treat your furry friend to some of our fantastic festive products!

Here are some of the top treats we have on offer:

1. Festive Three Bird Roast & Turkey Kibble

A Christmas dinner you won’t have to stress about cooking or preparing! Our delicious Three Bird Roast & Turkey Kibble is sure to bring a smile to your dog’s face on Christmas Day.

Price: £1.00

2. Festive Lick-e-Lix

Our Lick-e-Lix are a big favourite among pussycats, so we’ve brought out a festive edition to get your feline friends into the Christmas spirit! This scrumptious edition of Lick-e-Lix comes in a Turkey and Cranberry Flavour that your cats will just adore.

Price: £1.00

3. Festive Teaser Wand

Now we all know cats love getting their paws on wrapping paper, tinsel and a trip up the tree. With our Festive Teaser Wand you can keep your crazy cat from being this year’s tree topper but ensure they have hours of endless fun.

Price: £2.00

4.  Festive Meaty Treats

Pigs in blankets are a Christmas classic, so it’s only right that your doggy gets their own version with these delicious pigs in blanket flavoured treats. Now you can both pig out on leftovers together!

Price: £2.00

5. Festive Cat Tasty Sticks

Just like our cat-crowd favourite Lick-e-Lix, we’ve created a festive edition of our Tasty Sticks that come in a yummy Turkey and Cranberry Flavour.

Price: £2.00

6.  Festive Santa & Rudolph Toy

Our adorable Santa and Rudolph toys are the perfect present to give to your four-legged pal. While the kids are opening their presents on Christmas morning, your doggy can get his paws on this fab toy.

Price: £6.00

Merry Christmas from Team Webbox!


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